Asha Ramaswami Narayan

The quality of lectures was excellent. The professor was kind and knowledgeable, and he delivered the lessons in a capturing and considerate/responsive manner.

Gianluigi Ceglie

I had a perfect experience at LSM.

They have always been ready to help me with everything I needed, through hundreds of emails and calls. From enrolment to the assignment deadline, the guidance given to students – specially before the start of lectures and prior to the assignment, were very helpful indeed.

The most helpful and comfortable part was the feedback, before the final submission of the assignment. I am waiting for the results but I will never put in discussion the work LSM Education did for me and students like me. Now I am sure at 100% that this will work even with the second module that I will do.

Elliot Harrison

Marketing & Sales Executive
I found the overall experience with LSM very professional, clinical and well organised.

Kieron Bird

LSM are helpful, friendly and encourage you to achieve your potential. The resources are excellent and prepare you well for assessment.

Nicola Saretto

I remember the first day, a nice introduction of all the team of LSM to explain to all of the students how LSM is working and what LSM is expecting from us. The team is always available to every student enquire! I will recommend it

Robert Dickinson

Excellent marketing communications education provider. Thanks all.

Susan Makanda

The staff at LSM are second to none. My experience has been exceptional from the day I made an enquiry to the day I wrote my final examination. I decided a crush Chartered Post Graduate diploma in Marketing and with the overwhelming support and dedication from online tutors to support staff my dream has come true….managed to complete all four modules within 7 months ( 4/11/2013 to 4/06/2014). Thank you very much and keep on supporting your students all the way.

Bernhard Gschwandtner

The Diploma in Digital Marketing, Media and Branding helped to broaden my horizon and to get a deeper insight into the modern and state-of-the-art marketing methods in today’s business life.

Zoe Bicknell

My studying with LSM Education has been informative, interesting and enjoyable. They have helped me achieve work that I can be proud of.

Sanduni Bhagya Wickremasinghe

BA in Marketing (Top Up)
I really enjoyed my study experience with LSM so far. The tutors were exceptionally helpful and were always there for a reply or clarification whenever i needed it. They were quite knowledgeable and pleasant to work with. The resources, especially the EPK and workshop manuals were really great in helping understand assessment requirements. Not to mention the course material were comprehensive and easy to understand. I look forward to a new term with LSM.

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