Our Partners

Working together to bring British education to your doorstep.

We provide our partners with a strong market distinction in the education industry. We offer a range of opportunities to be part of the future of LSM Education. We are working hard to continually innovate and provide a strong core offering of education products via our Local Access Points and Recognised Business Partners.

Continually looking to the future on how to monetize and promote growth we are always looking for future partnerships. LSM has relationships with education providers all around the world. Our partnership programme recognises that not all partners can commit financially or technically at the same level. With partners working in many different countries and cultures we have been able to tier our products to ensure we can provide relevant opportunities that can benefit you. To learn more about these partnerships, please see below.

Global Business Partners

GBPs are the highest level of partnership available at LSM Education. As such, LSM Education works very closely with our GBPs, by collaborative marketing, promotional and training initiatives.

Local Access Points

We have set up Local Access Points (LAPs) across the world which enables us to take our qualifications to students instead of expecting them to travel to the UK.

Recognised Business Partners

We have recognised business partners to provide consultancy and application processing guidance to students who wish to study with us.