How it Works

The LSM way of Learning

We at LSM always look forward to giving our students the best possible service at every step of their online learning efforts. From start to the end our support comes through expert tutor guidance, resource support, admin support and a lot more!

When you are interested in our courses

We provide you with all the information and support you need to know before you make that informed decision of following a programme with us.

When you are enroled

We provide you with an array of support services to help you get on board and started with your programme.

  • Welcome and introductory classroom sessions
  • One-to-one skype sessions with the module tutors
  • Webinar sessions for onboarding and introductory guidance

Learning platform access

You get full Canvas learning platform access with tutor support and additional learning resources.

  • Lecture notes
  • Video content
  • Questions & quizzes
  • Revision content
  • Classroom Sessions
  • Discussion forums

Final assessment preparation

Assessment preparation specific support will be provided to you in a number of ways.

  • Webinar sessions for onboarding and introductory guidance
  • Feedback for mock/draft answers
  • Assessment guidance webinar sessions

Your Graduation

We have a 95% pass rate across our courses and when you graduate, you can join our group of success stories too!

The enrolment process

The enrolment process refers to the stages a prospective student undergoes to begin an academic/ professional course at LSM Education. This step by step process is carried out very diligently to ensure that each student enrolled meets the eligibility criteria and possesses the learning capacity to complete their studies successfully.

Due to the pivotal importance of the enrolment process, students are highly advised to read through the following information and prepare for the enrolment process accordingly. If any further doubts or inquiries arise, please feel free to contact us.

Step 1

The enrolment process begins when a student fills up an application form. The form requests information on the student’s educational background, basic payment details, English language proficiency and the course of interest. The main purpose of the application form is to confirm the student eligibility to enter the course of their choice.

Step 2

If the application form is accepted, the student receives a conditional acceptance letter from LSM Education. It informs the student that their application has been provisionally accepted. It will also hold information on which conditions need to be met in order for LSM Education to confirm the student’s acceptance.

Step 3

Once the conditions stated in the conditional acceptance letter are met by the student, the verification process begins. The verification process will be conducted through a voice or video call. Students will be asked a list of basic questions on their course of interest, how they heard about the course, etc. Students are kindly requested to face the verification process alone.

If the answers to these questions do not tally with the information the student has provided previously, he/she will be rejected from the enrolment process. Both the voice or video call verification process will follow routine procedure with the following exception.

The first few minutes of the verification process via video call will be spent on verifying the identity of the student. First, attention will be paid to ensure that the individual participating in the video call matches the photograph included in his/her application form. Next, the student will be requested to hold their ID, passport or license towards the camera to confirm that it tallies with their application form.

Step 4

Once the student has met all the conditions and has successfully passed the verification process, he/she will receive a welcome email which gives them access to our interactive study portal and course tutors. If a student is rejected during the enrolment process, he/she is required to restart the process by filling an application form.
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